Thank You for your recent inquiry for your Home Loan !


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A Quick 5- 7 Minutes application. (can leave assets and liabilities blank)

This will prompt you to create an online portal where you can upload documents also.

You may send these documents through fax -704-567-7998 or email


Below is List of Documents to expect that you may start gathering:

  1. Copy of Driver License
  2. Recent 2 Paystubs
  3. Last 2 years W2 (for all jobs worked)
  4. Recent Mortgage Statements (for all properties owned)
  5. Recent 2 Bank Statements (all pages) any large deposits beside payroll will be questioned.
  6. If Purchase transaction provide copy of contract all pages and addendums

Documents Needed on Next Step:

  1. Current home insurance or if purchase insurance quote.
  2. HOA Statement for all homes owned (documenting property address & dues amount and Frequency)

  1. Once the File is ready you will get Initial Loan Disclosures through Docusign password for that is last 5 of your SS

  1. Before Closing updated recent paystub, bank statements may be required

If you are a Non-Citizen please provide:

  1. Copy of front and back of green card


  1. If on Work Visa, provide copy of Visa, if expired then need copy of EAD or I-1797 notice with extension.

While in a home loan application process we recommend to follow the below DO NOT Do’s

  • Do Not open any New Credit accounts
  •  Limit usage of Current Credit accounts
  • Contact us if any change in employment or income.
  • Avoid multiple credit inquires.
  • Any deposits in your bank account beside payroll will need to be documented
  • Avoid any CASH deposits.

                           RATE LOCK- Until you get a written statement or documents form us saying Rate Locked its not locked and subject to change.















































NMLS 39306